CDS.headStuff2 CDS Catalogues. III. Spectroscopic Data

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(III/334)  VISTA Deep Extragalactic Observations (VIDEO) (Jarvis+, 2013)  (VIDEO-DR2,VIDEO)
(III/276)  Spectral Classes in the Galaxy Anticenter (Chargeishsvili, 1988)
(III/275)  Spectral Classes in Kapteyn areas 92-115 (Kharadze+, 2003)  (SA)
(III/274)  Galactic O-Star Spectroscopic Survey (Sota+, 2014)  (GOSSS,J/ApJS/193/24,J/ApJS/211/10)
(III/273)  Radial velocities of 107 B8-A0 stars (Albitzky, 1947)
(III/272)  RAVE 4th data release (Kordopatis+, 2013)  (RAVE-DR4,RAVE,J/AJ/146/134)
(III/271)  Spectral Classes in Kapteyn areas 68-91 (Chargeishvili+, 2000)
(III/270)  Spectral Classes in Kapteyn areas 44-67 (Bartaya+, 1992)