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Astronomicheskii Zhurnal (Russian)

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(J/AZh/92/323)  V1239 Her light curves in quiescence (Khruzina+, 2015)
(J/AZh/92/406)  NZ Boo V light curves (Khruzina+, 2015)
(J/AZh/92/834)  A list of tantalum lines (Pakhomov, 2015)

(J/AZh/91/130)  Photographic catalog of wide visual double stars (Kiselev+, 2014)
(J/AZh/91/299)  FF Aql BV light curves (Berdnikov+, 2014)
(J/AZh/91/382)  New variable stars in field SA9 (Sokolovsky+, 2014)  (MDV)
(J/AZh/91/503)  Compact radio sources near Galactic center (Pynzar'+, 2014)
(J/AZh/91/679)  Chandra X-Ray galaxy clusters at z <1.4 (Babyk+, 2014)

(J/AZh/89/388)  Flat-spectrum radio sources long-term variability (Gorshkov+, 2012)
(J/AZh/89/611)  Class I methanol maser catalog (Bayandina+, 2012)
(J/AZh/89/674)  Dynamical parameters of open clusters (Danilov+, 2012)

(J/AZh/88/22)  Angles rotation/magnetic moment in pulsars (Malov+, 2011)
(J/AZh/88/34)  Long-term (1984-2008) JHKLM photometry of stars (Shenavrin+, 2011)
(J/AZh/88/143)  ORICAT Catalog of Stars in Orion Great Nebula (Vereshchagin+, 2011)  (Oricat)
(J/AZh/88/284)  Chemical abundance of Hercules moving group (Pakhomov+, 2011)
(J/AZh/88/342)  Star-forming regions in NGC 5585 and IC 1525 (Bruevich+, 2011)
(J/AZh/88/380)  HD 192163 spectroscopic study (Rustamov+, 2011)
(J/AZh/88/530)  Dynamical study of ADS 12815 (Kiselev+, 2011)
(J/AZh/88/750)  Abundances in stars of galactic sub-structures (Mishenina+, 2011)
(J/AZh/88/886)  BVIc photometry of Cepheids from ASAS-3 catalog (Berdnikov+, 2011)
(J/AZh/88/894)  UBVRI light curves of EQ Boo (Volkov+, 2011)
(J/AZh/88/954)  Geometry of radio pulsar magnetospheres (Malov+, 2011)
(J/AZh/88/1217)  Solar-like activity of low-mass stars (Kasova+, 2011)

(J/AZh/87/238)  Pulse profiles of radio pulsars at 102 and 111MHz (Malov+, 2010)
(J/AZh/87/462)  UBV(RI)c light curves of BD+66 1663 (Volkov+, 2010)
(J/AZh/87/739)  Steep and ultra-steep spectra RC sources (Parijskij+, 2010)
(J/AZh/87/760)  Astrophysical catalog of clusters of galaxies (Kuvshinova+, 2010)
(J/AZh/87/795)  Catalog of galaxies in and around A1367 (Boldycheva+, 2010)
(J/AZh/87/853)  Stellar groups of Orion's Sword region (Vereshchangin+, 2010)
(J/AZh/87/1087)  New variable stars in 66 Oph field (Kolesnikova+, 2010)  (MDV)

(J/AZh/86/23)  Radio source 111MHz interplanetary scintillation (Tyul'bashev, 2009)
(J/AZh/86/35)  Radio source 111MHz interplanetary scintillation (Tyul'bashev, 2009)
(J/AZh/86/158)  UBVR light curves of GSC 4596-1254 = SAO 3282 (Volkov+, 2009)

(J/AZh/85/314)  Complete sample of flat-spectrum radio sources (Gorshkov+, 2008)
(J/AZh/85/409)  V1357 Cyg spectroscopic monitoring in 2002-04 (Karitskaya+, 2008)
(J/AZh/85/483)  Sources from the WMAP catalog (Vol'vach+, 2008)
(J/AZh/85/794)  UBVRHalpha photometry on 5 galaxies (Gusev+, 2008)

(J/AZh/84/147)  Light curves of V838 Mon and V4332 Sgr (Goranskii+, 2007)
(J/AZh/84/227)  RATAN-600 Zenith-Field sky survey (RZF) catalog (Bursov+, 2007)  (RZF)
(J/AZh/84/387)  Radio sources near North Celestial Pole (Mingaliev+, 2007)
(J/AZh/84/429)  Abundances in atmospheres of cool giants (Mishenina+, 2007)
(J/AZh/84/579)  Catalog of Class I methanol masers (Val'tts+, 2007)
(J/AZh/84/685)  Scattering of pulsar radio emission (Kuz'min+, 2007)
(J/AZh/84/695)  An SX Phoenicis Variable light curve (Kim+, 2007)
(J/AZh/84/714)  Optical spectral variability of BD+48 1220 (Klochkova+, 2007)
(J/AZh/84/839)  Methanol emission of isolated maser condensations (Larionov+, 2007)
(J/AZh/84/885)  VRI observations of radio source S5 0716+71 (Koptelova+, 2007)
(J/AZh/84/997)  Abundances of Sr, Y, Zr, Ce and Ba (Mashonkina+, 2007)
(J/AZh/84/1110)  Brightness of SN 2006X (Lipunov+, 2007)

(J/AZh/83/158)  High precision effective temperatures of giants (Kovtyukh+, 2006)
(J/AZh/83/241)  Flux-density-complete sample of radio sources (Gorshkov+, 2006)
(J/AZh/83/265)  Optical spectral variability of IRAS 20508+2011 (Klochkova+, 2006)
(J/AZh/83/310)  BV(RI)c photometry of S5 0716+714 (Amirkhanyan+, 2006)
(J/AZh/83/542)  Integrated Radio Luminosities of Pulsars (Malov+, 2006)
(J/AZh/83/821)  Orion Spiral Arm CAtalogue (OSACA) (Bobylev+, 2006)  (OSACA)

(J/AZh/82/231)  Dynamic stability of selected multiple stars (Orlov+, 2005)
(J/AZh/82/420)  Spectral study of 19 radio sources (Afanasiev+, 2005)
(J/AZh/82/437)  Calculated chemical composition of galactic PN (Holovatyy+, 2005)
(J/AZh/82/453)  Catalogue of spectroscopic abundances in stars (Borkova+, 2005)
(J/AZh/82/601)  Abundances of 4 red giants (Antipova+, 2005)

(J/AZh/81/33)  Excitation of PtI transitions (Smirnov, 2004)
(J/AZh/81/209)  Neutron capture elements in stars: neodymium (Mashonkina+, 2004)
(J/AZh/81/333)  Spectral analysis of V510 Pup (Klochkova+, 2004)
(J/AZh/81/541)  Abundances of 15 solar analogues (Galeev+, 2004)
(J/AZh/81/658)  Equivalent widths of 9 barium stars (Antipova+, 2004)
(J/AZh/81/925)  R light curves of 5 blazars (Bychkova+, 2004)
(J/AZh/81/1032)  VLBI Position Measurements (Titov, 2004)
(J/AZh/81/1104)  Optical spectrum of Cyg OB2 No. 12 (Klochkova+, 2004)

(J/AZh/80/8)  Proper motions of open star clusters (Loktin+, 2003)
(J/AZh/80/266)  On the atomic constants of ReI (Smirnov, 2003)
(J/AZh/80/291)  Proper motions of open clusters (Kharchenko+, 2003)
(J/AZh/80/458)  Sodium abundances in stellar atmospheres (Mishenina+, 2003)
(J/AZh/80/535)  UBV light curves of BE UMa (Raguzova+, 2003)
(J/AZh/80/704)  Studies of classical barium stars (Antipova+, 2003)
(J/AZh/80/978)  Radio sources identifications at DE=10-12.5deg (Gorshkov+, 2003)

(J/AZh/79/216=V/112A)  Catalog of Star-Forming Regions in the Galaxy (Avedisova, 2002)
(J/AZh/79/249)  Equatorial spectrophotometric standards (Tereshchenko, 2002)
(J/AZh/79/259)  Models for Intermediate-Mass Eclipsing Binaries (Kovaleva, 2002)
(J/AZh/79/309)  UBVR and spectroscopic observations of CI Cam (Barsukova+, 2002)
(J/AZh/79/328)  Methanol maser condensations in W 48 (Val'tts+, 2002)
(J/AZh/79/501)  Radio luminosities of normal + millisecond pulsars (Kuz'min, 2002)
(J/AZh/79/510)  Galactic orbits of RR Lyrae variable stars (Borkova+, 2002)
(J/AZh/79/526)  Magnetic fields in late-type giants (Tarasova, 2002)
(J/AZh/79/542)  BV photometry of active K-M dwarfs (Bondar, 2002)
(J/AZh/79/589)  BVRI photometry of RC galaxies (Verkhodanov+, 2002)
(J/AZh/79/610)  Methyl acetylene observations of warm clouds (Alakoz+, 2002)
(J/AZh/79/675)  B-band photometry of BL Lac object ON 231 (Babadzhanyants+, 2002)
(J/AZh/79/738)  Population model of binary stars in the Galaxy (Tutukov+, 2002)
(J/AZh/79/841)  Abundances of various elements in 20 Peg (Rachkovskaya, 2002)
(J/AZh/79/867)  Abundances of HII regions in blue galaxies (Holovatyy+, 2002)
(J/AZh/79/909)  Chemical abundances in barium stars (Boyarchuk+, 2002)
(J/AZh/79/932)  On the atomic constants of TaI (Smirnov, 2002)
(J/AZh/79/963)  Active radio galaxies in cluster A569 (Lipovka+, 2002)
(J/AZh/79/1087)  UBV photometry of X-ray binary HZ Her (Sheffer+, 2002)
(J/AZh/79/1118)  JHKLM photometry of FG Sge (Taranova+, 2002)

(J/AZh/78/60)  Photometry and polarimetry of Ae star VV Ser (Rostopchina+ 2001)
(J/AZh/78/408)  Variability of Cyg X-1 in 1994-1998 (Karitskaya+, 2001)
(J/AZh/78/675)  Quasar-galaxy associations (Bukhmastova, 2001)
(J/AZh/78/807)  Chemical composition of eta Ser (Antipova+, 2001)
(J/AZh/78/922)  Radio emission of SS433 (Trushkin+, 2001)
(J/AZh/78/963)  Galaxies with rows (Chernin+, 2001)
(J/AZh/78/1104)  Age and metallicity in eclipsing binaries (Kovaleva, 2001)
(J/AZh/78/1135)  Spectrophotometric standards near DE=+40deg (Tereshchenko, 2001)

(J/AZh/77/3)  Studies of Bright Steep-Spectrum Radio Sources (Lipovka+, 2000)
(J/AZh/77/21)  102.5MHz Survey (Dagkesamanskii+, 2000)  (NSS102)
(J/AZh/77/96)  Abundances in Hyades red giants (Boyarchuk+, 2000)
(J/AZh/77/407)  Flat-spectrum radio sources at 0.97-21.7GHz (Gorshkov+, 2000)
(J/AZh/77/420)  Photopolarimetric activity of SV Cep (Rostopchina+, 2000)
(J/AZh/77/499)  Flux densities of 235 pulsars at 102.5MHz (Malofeev+, 2000)
(J/AZh/77/569)  Southern isolated triple systems of galaxies (Karachentseva+, 2000)
(J/AZh/77/619)  Energy distributions in giants and supergiants (Knyazeva+, 2000)

(J/AZh/76/83)  Galaxies in and near the cluster A1185 (Botashev+ 1999)
(J/AZh/76/604)  Spectrophotometry of S and carbon stars (Tereshchenko, 1999)

(J/AZh/75/70)  Energy distribution of O9-B5 stars (Knyazeva+, 1998)
(J/AZh/75/197)  Energy distribution of O5-O8 stars (Knyazeva+, 1998)
(J/AZh/75/231)  MV Lyr - bursts and periods (Pavlenko, 1998)
(J/AZh/75/323=VIII/67)  Catalogue of scintillating radio sources (Artyukh+, 1996-1998)
(J/AZh/75/586)  Abundances in solar atmosphere (Boyarchuk+, 1998)

(J/AZh/74/42)  RATAN-600 radio sources spectra (Bursov 1997)  (RC)
(J/AZh/74/63)  Cluster analysis of pulsar parameters (Malov+, 1997)
(J/AZh/74/812)  102MHz radio source survey (Tyul'bashev 1997)
(J/AZh/74/853)  Distances and physical parameters of PNe (Mal'kov, 1997)

(J/AZh/73/67)  Energy distribution of G,K and M stars (Knyazeva+, 1996)
(J/AZh/73/194)  Circumstellar Disks of Ae/Be Herbig Stars (Grinin+ 1996)
(J/AZh/73/571=III/186)  Energy distribution in stars at 320-760 nm (Knyazeva+, 1996)
(J/AZh/73/762)  Energy distribution in giants and supergiants. (Tereshchenko, 1996)
(J/AZh/73/835)  Identifications of objects from RC Catalog (Fletcher+, 1996)
(J/AZh/73/862)  Atmospheres of six red giants (Boyarchuk+, 1996)
(J/AZh/73/906)  Energy distribution of main-sequence B stars (Knyazeva+, 1996)

(J/AZh/72/12)  Spectroscopy of Sources from 87GB Catalog (Mingaliev+, 1995)
(J/AZh/72/22)  A 95 GHz Survey of Methanol Masers (Valtts+, 1995)
(J/AZh/72/80)  Primary Spectrophotometric Standards (Mironov+, 1995)
(J/AZh/72/291)  Variability at Frequencies 3.9 and 7.5 GHz (Gorshkov+, 1995)
(J/AZh/72/447)  Optical Monitoring of Quasar 3C345 (Babadzhanyants+, 1995)
(J/AZh/72/495)  Moving Star Clusters in the Solar Neighborhood (Orlov+, 1995)
(J/AZh/72/613)  Optical identification of radio sources (Kopylov+, 1995)
(J/AZh/72/855)  Abundances in eta Psc (Antipova+, 1995)
(J/AZh/72/864)  Abundances in gamma Sge (Boyarchuk+, 1995)

(J/AZh/71/37)  Thermal Methanol from 33 Clouds at 48 GHz (Slysh+, 1994)
(J/AZh/71/110)  Supernova Remnants at Meter Wavelengths (Kovalenko+ 1994)
(J/AZh/71/189)  Gas Kinematics from Halpha line in NGC 4151 (Sergeev, 1994)
(J/AZh/71/200)  Spectral Investigation of NGC 7469 (Doroshenko+, 1994)
(J/AZh/71/352)  Objects of 1988 Zenith Sky Survey (Verkhodanov, 1994)
(J/AZh/71/468)  Spectrophotometric Standards near the Pole (Tereshchenko, 1994)
(J/AZh/71/572)  Spectroscopic observations of V380 Ori (Shevchenko, 1994)
(J/AZh/71/588)  Study of Two HgMn Stars (Zakharova, 1994)
(J/AZh/71/618)  UBVJHKLM Photometry of Nova Cygni 1992 (Kolotilov+, 1994)
(J/AZh/71/684)  Optical Identification of RC and UTRAO Catalogs (Soboleva+, 1994)
(J/AZh/71/706)  BV photometry of galactic nuclei (Silchenko, 1994)
(J/AZh/71/717)  Polarimetric Observations of BL Lac (Gagen-Torn+ 1994)
(J/AZh/71/762)  Radio luminosities of 232 pulsars (Malov+, 1994)

(J/AZh/69/225=VIII/49)  The Zelenchuk Surveys (Amirkhanyan+, 1989)

(J/AZh/62/229)  Giant H II region Ratan-600 observations (Berlin+ 1985)  (RATAN)

(J/AZh/57/1003=III/207)  Moscow Spectrophotometric Catalog (MSC) (Glushneva+ 1998)

(J/AZh/56/345=III/203)  Emission Lines of the Planetary Nebulae (Kondrat'eva, 1979-1985)